There are a few very important points to be considered before you start to write an article on any topic. By following these points, writing an article would not be a difficult task for you. Proper pattern and formatting of the material save your time and energy. First of all, go through the topic once. If you are familiar with the topic write the points you know about it and then start searching on the internet and in related books etc. If the topic is completely unfamiliar to you start your search from the basic introduction and definition of the topic. If the topic, on which you are writing an article has some history, go over it as it helps you in a much better way to get familiar with the term.

Consider the word limit and then format your article according to it. If the word limit is more than 800 to 1000 words, you should write a detailed article covering every prospect and vision of the topic. But one main thing which you should keep in mind is that detail does not mean unnecessary explanation. Avoid adding extra details in your article which makes your article seem dragging and boring to the reader.


While writing any article, the target audience for which you are writing the article and their caliber should be kept in mind. The language and vocabulary you use in your article should not be difficult to understand. The informal writing style grabs the attention of the reader more than the formal style of writing. The content should be of high quality and informative to grip the interest of a large number of people.

By following these simple but effective points, you can write your article in a much effective and successful way.

The Importance of Book Covers

October 31, 2020